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THE LINE OF QUÍMICOS DE AQA QUÍMICA S.A. pioneer in the company.

We help our clients to provide innovative solutions for the optimization of their Steam Generation systems, cooling systems and membranes such as ultrafiltration, nanofiltration and reverse osmosis.

We have extensive experience developing products and systems according to the needs of customers, having as a major strength to be formulators of our products and with the advice of experts recognized nationally and internationally.

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AQA Química S.A.

We provide the service of preventive and corrective chemical cleaning in all water treatment systems: boilers, cooling towers, chillers, heat exchangers, special equipment, etc.

We also do chemical cleaning in process equipment such as tail water evaporators in the fishing industry.

In membrane systems we work with Avista Technologies (, who are experts in the chemical management of these systems. For this we have the latest technology chemicals and specialized software such as the Advisor Ci®, to predict and recommend chemical treatment and normRO®, for the management and control of the operation of reverse osmosis and nanofiltration plants.

ISO 9000: 2015 Certification

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AQA Química

AQA QUÍMICA SA offers a variety of its own products and the renowned brands water treatment.

AQA Química

AQA QUÍMICA SA provides specialized services to the need of the industry in the maintenance, performance and care of its equipment.

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